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In addition to our free training courses, below is a selection of our fee-based courses on topics to help improve your clinical skills and marketing courses to advance your private practice or online business.

We have many other fee-based courses, as well as those listed below. These begin with a free training and an option to purchase the fee (advanced) course. Check out the free training page for a list of topics.

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Dr. Joe Kort
Dr. Joe Kort

Busting Myths About Male Sexuality: Implications for Therapy with Men, Women and Couples - with Dr. joe Kort

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Here’s How You Can Benefit By Taking This 12-hour Self-Study Course:

  • Be an informed therapist about the latest thinking and research in male sexuality and how to use it to help your clients focus on their sexual health.
  • Become more comfortable talking about sexuality in all its forms with your clients whether they are men, women or couples.
  • Learn ways to de-pathologize your clients and reduce shame by helping them focus on how they can become more sexually healthy.
  • Understand the concept of sexual fluidity and how it impacts on clients who are struggling with their sexuality, and how it can cause problems in relationships when couples don’t understand it or talk about it.
  • Stretch your beliefs – and maybe even transform some of them – in a way that increases your knowledge and skills and helps you get better outcomes with your clients.
  • Feel confident knowing you have the skills to work with any client regardless of their sexual or erotic orientation.
  • Help women understand male sexuality, so they’re more likely to get their needs met.
  • Understand what can and cannot be altered when it comes to erotic orientation and sexual behaviours, and how to help clients be more accepting of their sexuality.

This online self-study course includes 12 hours of core content including:

  • Downloadable videos and audios of each module and bonus interviews
  • Transcripts of each module and bonus
  • PDF copy of the slides for each module
  • Certificate for 12 professional development hours (upon successful completion of a short quiz)

Presenter: Dr. Joe Kort

Dr. Joe Kort, a clinical sexologist and relationship therapist who has been practicing for over 35 years.

He treats straight and gay men, women as well as couples presenting with a wide variety of relationship and sexual problems.

Dr. Kort is a leading expert on sexuality, men’s sexuality, and alternative sexuality and lifestyles. He presents workshops nationally throughout the U.S.

Dr. Kort writes for Huffington Post, Psychology Today and has been interviewed and mentioned on a regular basis in the New York Times on various issues. He is the author of 4 books.

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Clinton Power & Juliet Austin

The Ultimate Course on Pricing Your Therapy or Wellness Practice Services - with Juliet Austin & Clinton Power

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Here’s What You’ll Discover in this Self-Study Online Course:

  • How to determine what your clients are able and willing to pay
  • The psychology of how people make purchasing decisions
  • How to confidently discuss fees with clients
  • How to set fees that are aligned with your values and support your lifestyle
  • The best ways to collect fees
  • How to ensure you get paid for cancellations and no shows
  • How and when to raise your fees and by how much
  • And more

This online self-study course has 
6.5 hours of core content as well as:

  • Recordings of 2, 1-hour Q&A webinars 
  • 10 bonuses including phone scripts, email templates and financial tracking sheets
  • Downloadable videos and audios of each module and bonus interview
  • Transcripts of each module 
  • PDF copy of the slides for each module

 Presenters: Juliet Austin & Clinton Power

Juliet Austin, a former psychotherapist in Vancouver, Canada, has been assisting helping professionals to build their practices and write website and sales page copy (text) for over 20 years. Everything taught in this course is based on the pricing struggles she has had herself and those she has helped her clients overcome in over 2 decades.

Clinton Power has been a relationship therapist in private practice in Sydney and online in Australia since 2003. Clinton has successfully used the psychology of pricing principles to charge and get the fee he wants, which is higher than what many of his counselling colleagues in Sydney charge.

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  • Leading-edge research and therapy and wellness approaches to enhance your clinical skills
  • Up-to-date marketing strategies to help you grow your practice or online programs

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