Frequently Asked Questions

Our free training courses are usually between 1-1.5 hours in length. They typically consist of 3-5 videos that are each 15-25 minutes in length. The free courses often offer additional free content such as transcripts of the videos.

You can sign-up here to be notified of our next free training.

It varies, but once you sign up, the duration of most free courses is 10 days. The access to all videos in any free training will expire at the end of the 10 days.

We offer a free training  at least once per month. We also offer a free webinar each month. If you sign up for our email list, you’ll be notified when we launch our free training courses and our free webinars.

Our free training courses are pre-recorded and are typically offered over a 10-day period. You’ll get videos and other content sent to you via email during these 1o days.

Our free support webinars are held live and streamed into our Facebook Group. You can attend the live webinars or watch the replays in our Facebook Group. At this time the replays are only available in our group.

Anyone can attend our free support webinars  live via Zoom. However, to watch the replays, you must be a member of our Private Facebook Group.

*However, our free training courses are available to everyone on our website.


We do have some advanced, fee courses on our website. The others are only available for sale when we offer the free training for a specific course. During the free training period of any course, you have the option of signing up for the advanced course on the same topic. The advanced course will into a lot greater depth than the free course. 

For most of our courses, you have access in our Learning Center for 180 days (6 months) from your date of purchase. For some courses, this may be longer. However, you can download the materials from any course and keep the materials forever.

Our advanced courses vary in length. They are typically anywhere from 3-16+ hours.

We provide high-quality, comprehensive courses for reasonable fees.

Most courses cost between $197 – $397+. Fees may be higher for some courses and for those that offer a coaching program along with the course.

Our customers frequently tell us  our courses offer great value for the fees we charge. 

Most customers pay in USD.

Exceptions: If you are a Canadian resident, the fees posted for any course are in Canadian dollars (no GST).

If you are an Australian or New Zealand resident, you will pay in Australian dollars (Australian also pay GST).

As far as we know, we are the only training institute online for therapists and wellness professionals that offers Canadians and Australians to pay in their own currency. YAY!

We accept payments via all major credit cards, Paypal, or Apple Pay.

Currently, we offer a small discount to full time students *if* they’re struggling financially. Please contact us and explain your situation.

We sometimes offer discounts to those who live in a country where the value of  their currency is exceptionally low. Please contact us,  indicating which country you reside in. Any discounts are given on a case by case basis.

We give certificates for all of our advanced, fee-based courses. Currently, we’re only approved for CEUs for specific countries or courses.

We do not offer CEUs for most courses for professionals in the USA. We intend to get our courses approved for CEUs in the future.

Our clinical courses are usually approved for OPD points for the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), CPD points for the Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia (PACFA) and for some Canadian associations.

Some of our free courses have closed captions. As the technology to add closed captions becomes easier, we’ll add more to our free training courses. Currently, we don’t have closed captions for our fee-based courses.

MBTI is an online-based institute. The co-owners are Juliet Austin, who is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and Clinton Power, who resides in the Northern Rivers, New South Wales, on the East Coast of Australia.


  • Leading-edge research and therapy and wellness approaches to enhance your clinical skills
  • Up-to-date marketing strategies to help you grow your practice or online programs

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