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It’s Not All About the Money…

Let’s face it.

You likely didn’t become a therapist or wellness professional because you wanted to earn a lot of money.

You entered your profession because you wanted to serve others. Perhaps you’ve struggled in your own life and found a way through, so you wanted to help others get relief from their pain as you have.

Helping others is the KEY REASON you do what you do, and you feel honored to be doing it.

However, the reality is that you need money to function in this world.

Business expenses add up and take a good slice of the fee you charge your clients.

Have you ever calculated how much per hour you make after paying your practice expenses? If you haven’t, you’ll likely be surprised at your actual hourly rate.

What about the time you spend marketing your practice and managing administrative details? Have you factored those into your hourly rate?

Clients come, and they go. 

Sometimes your caseload may become so slow that you start to panic. You worry that if things don’t pick up, your financial situation could be in trouble.

Financial stress affects your entire life, including your effectiveness with clients.

Worrying about finances is NOT a pleasant or healthy way to live.

In addition to being stressed about money, setting fees for your practice can be confusing and complicated.

You want to charge fees that allow you to live a comfortable lifestyle, yet you don’t want to overcharge with a fee clients are not able or willing to pay. And you don’t want to be “greedy.”

Finding the right balance can be tricky.

Fortunately, we’ve created a course to help you solve the dreaded, “How much should I charge?” dilemma – and many more issues about pricing your services.

Read on to find out more….

The Ultimate Course on Pricing Your
Therapy or Wellness Practice Services…

This 7-module online course with 10 bonuses addresses the key issues that you may face regarding pricing your services.

The course may challenge your beliefs about charging fees, dispel pricing myths, and help you overcome any fears or insecurities about charging fees.

Most importantly, it will enable you to charge the right fee to attract your ideal clients and feel GOOD about it – EVEN if the “right” fee for you is an average or lower than average fee.

But that is not all…

The Ultimate Course on Pricing Your Therapy or Wellness Services also offers solutions for other pricing questions and struggles you may have – e.g., when to raise fees, how to advise clients of fee increases, the best ways of collecting fees, and much more.

The Ultimate Course on Pricing Your
Therapy or Wellness Practice Services…

This Course IS For You if:

You’re afraid if you increase your fees, you won’t get clients or will lose the clients you already have. You may also fear being judged if your prices are too high.

You’re struggling to find the balance between what you want to charge and what you think is affordable or “ethical.”

You worry you don’t have enough skills, training, or experience to charge a higher price.

You want better strategies and systems for discussing, collecting, and raising fees that save time and allow you to earn more.

You want to understand the psychology of how people choose to purchase  services. You want to set the ‘right’ fee to attract the ‘right’ clients for you.

You’re not earning the income you want to support the lifestyle you want. You may even be struggling to pay the bills.

This Course IS NOT For You if:

You’re happy with the fees you’re charging and don’t want to increase them.

You’re charging premium fees and don’t plan on raising them.

You’re working with all ideal clients who pay your full fee.

Your strategies and systems for discussing, collecting, and raising fees work smoothly allowing you to earn more in less time.

You’re well versed in the psychology of pricing or not interested in learning about it.

Your current fees allow you to support the lifestyle that you want.

“I would have paid $700 for this course.”

“This course was excellent! Increasing my fee has been a tough one for me. I thought that because I am a helper, I shouldn’t be asking for too much in exchange. I now have more confidence that I can increase my fees, and it won’t mean I’ll lose credibility or lose clients. Instead, I might gain clients that will keep my practice full.

The spreadsheets are amazing! They can help me determine not only what my fee is but maintain a budget. Perhaps my expenses are too high, so I need to increase my fee. No wonder I can’t pay myself much!! The course was invaluable.”

Carol Fredrek

Anxiety and Eating Disorder
Therapist, Calgary, Alberta

Here’s What You Gain By Taking This Course:

Hi, We’re Juliet Austin
and Clinton Power

We’re co-owners of the Mind Body Training Institute, and we’re delighted to offer this course.

Juliet Austin, a former psychotherapist in Vancouver, Canada, has been assisting helping professionals to build their practices and write website and sales page copy (text) for over 25 years. Everything taught in this course is based on the pricing struggles she has had herself and those she has helped her clients overcome in over 2 decades.

Juliet charges premium fees for her copywriting services and typically has a 2-3 month (or longer) waiting list. Juliet’s clients pay for her services because of the quality of her copy, the time she saves them, and the results they get – i.e. more of their ideal clients and customers.

Clinton Power has been a relationship therapist in private practice in Sydney, Australia since 2003. Clinton regularly comments in the media on issues of relationships and has appeared on Channel 7, The Sydney Morning Herald, and ABC Radio. Clinton’s book, 31 Days to Build a Better Relationship has been downloaded over 5,000 times, has over 80% 5-star reviews, and is available for Kindle on Amazon or through his website.

Clinton has successfully used the psychology of pricing principles to charge and get the fee he wants, which is higher than what many of his counselling colleagues in Sydney charge. Clinton also maintains a full practice with a waitlist.

 “The first lesson in this course hit me right between the eyes!“

“My husband and business partner had been encouraging me to raise my fees for a long time, and I always baulked. Until taking the course, I hadn’t realised how my upbringing and, therefore, my values and beliefs influenced my reluctance to raise my fees.

I certainly wasn’t expecting to have such a profound insight from a course like this.
Since taking the course, I’ve already raised my fees for the 3 new clients that I’ve taken on this year. Now, I need to focus on showing what makes me different from others and to consider charging clients for cancelled appointments. This course was inspiring, thought-provoking, and challenging. Thank you!”

Therese Elsey

Credentialed Mental Health Therapist,
Central Coast NSW, Australia

7 Pre-recorded Modules in 17 Lessons to Help You
Charge Your ‘Right’ Fee for Your “Right’ Audience

Module 1:
Expand Your Mindset About Setting Fees

Module 1 will help you examine the beliefs, values, and behaviors you have around money in your personal life and your business and how these play out in setting your fees. We dispel common misconceptions you may have about pricing your services and how these may be creating a disservice for you and even for your clients.

Module 2: Understand Your Target Audience: What CAN and WILL They Pay?

In this module, we help you understand your target audience as it relates to pricing your services. We show you how to determine who wants your services and who is able and willing to pay for them. If you don’t understand your audience and what they value, you could be under or overcharging.

Module 3: The Psychology of Perceived Value: How Clients Decide How Much They WILL Pay

Module 3 explains some of the core psychological principles behind peoples’ purchasing decisions. When people choose to pay for your services, they are often making a decision that is influenced by subtle factors that both you and your clients may be unaware of. Knowing some of these reasons can help you set your fees to attract your ideal clients.

Module 4: How to Set Your Fees and Feel Good About Them

There are many factors to take into consideration when setting your fees. In this module, we explain the benefits of “value-based pricing” and how it differs from fee-based, competition-based, or hourly-based pricing.

This module also discusses the pros and cons of discounting fees and offers strategic options for lowering the amount you charge, if you should decide to do so.

Module 5: How to Inform Clients
About Fees

Do you feel uncomfortable discussing fees with clients? Should you list your fees on your website, advise clients when they first contact you or tell them once they arrive at your office?

How do you respond to a client who is reluctant or can’t afford to pay your fee?

We answer these questions and more in Module 5, so you can be confident when informing clients about your fees.

Module 6: The Best Ways to
Collect Client Fees

In Module 6, we go over several options for when and how to collect fees. We show you the best methods that will make collecting fees a breeze and ensure you get paid for sessions attended, missed sessions, and canceled appointments.

Module 7:
When and How to Raise Your Fees

Do you wonder how and when you should raise your fees, and by how much? Perhaps you don’t know if you should raise prices for existing clients or only new ones? We help you solve these problems and also explain how to inform clients about fee increases and what to say if they have concerns about your fee increase.

You Get a Whopping 10 Bonuses With This Course!

We’re all about delivering value in our courses. That is why in addition to the 7
modules in the core content, we offer 10 bonuses related to pricing AND
managing your practice finances. Check them out below…

Bonus 1

Financial Tracking Spreadsheets [4 Excel Spreadsheets]

We give you 4 formula-ready spreadsheets that allow you to track where your clients come from, how much money you bring in from clients, your business expenses, and calculating your total business profit.

Our spreadsheets will guide you through a process that helps you align your fee with the lifestyle that you want to live.

Bonus 2

Free Inquiry Call Phone Script [PDF Document]

This phone script takes you step-by-step through the process of offering a free phone inquiry call with potential clients. The script will help you structure this highly important call, connect with clients, and show you how to “convert” suitable potential clients into clients.

Bonus 3

Phone Script: How to Offer Discounted Fees
[PDF Document]

There are pros and cons to discounting your fees. Depending on your situation and goals, there may be times when you choose to lower them.

 Perhaps clients contact you who are exactly the type of clients that you want to work with, but are unable to pay your fee. Maybe you believe it is important to serve these clients.

We tell you exactly what you can say in these situations, and if you choose to lower your price, how to do it without diminishing the value of your services.

Bonus 4

Notice of Fee Increase Email Template [PDF Document]

This email template provides tips on how to notify clients about your fee increase and gives you a word-for-word email template that you can send to clients to explain your fee increase.

Bonus 5

How to Transition from a Job, EAP, or Insurance Panels to Private Pay Clients
[Video, Audio, And Transcript]

Are you wondering how you can transition from a job, insurance panels, or an EAP to a private pay based practice? If so, this bonus provides some guidelines and steps to help you succeed with this tricky transition.

Bonus 6

Earn More by Diversifying What You Offer: Pricing for Workshops and Courses
[Video, Audio, And Transcript]

One of the key ways to earn more money in your business is to offer educational workshops or online courses.

They are a key way to diversify your income, leverage your time, serve more people, and attract people who wouldn’t normally choose to work with you on a one-to-one basis.

This bonus shows you how to use pricing principles when setting fees for workshops and courses. 

Bonus 7

How To Increase Your Income by $500+ Per Week by Offering Groups [Video, Audio, and Transcript]

In this video, Clinton Power shows you how he earns an extra $500+ per week running groups. He explains his pricing strategy, how he structures his groups, and even shares some tips on how to fill groups with participants.

Bonus 8

How Charging Higher Fees Has Enhanced the Quality of Sue Diamond’s Life [Video, Audio & Transcript]

Therapist Sue Diamond has practiced therapy for more than 30 years.

In this 35-minute interview, she discusses the concerns she had about charging fees when she started her practice and shares how she has raised her prices over the years.

Sue reports on how she now charges double or more than most other therapists, and how this permits her to earn enough to have a lovely home, travel several weeks each year, and most importantly, never be stressed about money.

Sue loves her work, and even though she charges high fees, she lowers them for some clients. As Sue states, “It not all about the money.” We think you’ll find this interview inspiring.

Bonus 9

How To Manage Your Business Finances: Be at Peace With Your Income so You Can Focus on Achieving Your Life Goals – Interview With Bookkeeper Extraordinaire, Monica Ross [Video, Audio, And Transcript]

Monica Ross has been Juliet’s bookkeeper for over 20 years.

In addition to her bookkeeping services, she also helps therapists and wellness practitioners manage their money.

In this interview, Monica explains the critical aspects of managing your practice finances to ensure you always have more money than you need to run your business and enjoy your life.

Monica shares some horror stories of financial mistakes she’s seen professionals make – ones that you’ll want to ensure you don’t make!

Bonus 10

How Charging Premium Fees Allows Clinton To Realize His Passion For Travel [Video, Audio & Transcript]

Clinton Power has practiced therapy for 20 years.

In this 45-minute interview, he shares his experience pricing his services over the years and how he now charges premium fees.

Clinton loves exploring new countries, cultures, and interesting food. Clinton’s fees allow him to travel 12 weeks each year. Moreover, after each adventure, he feels refreshed and excited to get back to work.

Clinton’s clients also benefit from his travels because they get an energized therapist who is better able to help them achieve their goals.

2 Pre-Recorded Question & Answer Sessions

In these 2 recordings, Juliet and Clinton answer some critical questions about pricing your services.

 If you have any questions that were not answered in the modules and the bonus recordings, you’re likely to find the answers in these recordings.

“The course delivered everything promised and more!”

“I generally roll my eyes when I receive promotional emails for courses that teach therapists how to increase their income (e.g.,”Learn the 7 secrets of creating a 6-figure practice in one year!!”). I usually feel manipulated by the sales-y tactics in these promotions, and so was about to hit delete when I received the email for this course.

Yet the tone and layout of your email compelled me to explore the website, which clearly laid out what it would offer and how it could be used to confidently navigate money issues with clients and improve my overall relationship to money. Many courses offer strategies for marketing AND fee setting and SOME help therapists with money issues, but having both in one seminar? Sign me up! I bought the course.

The course was highly professional, well-organized, user-friendly, and reasonably priced. 

Since completing the course, I’ve become less apologetic in speaking to clients about money, have made decisions about payment options and policies that work better for my income and lifestyle and are in alignment with my clinical values. 

I most appreciated that Juliet and Clinton practice what they preach in marketing with integrity and confidence, as well as their approach in raising awareness of common therapist anxieties that underlie our problems with money. Their “teach a man to fish” approach has forever changed my relationship with money and self-valuation, and I happily give my endorsement!”

Sandy Wolf

Licensed Social Worker,
Guildford, Connecticut

Summary of the Content of this Self-Study Course

7 modules in 17 pre-recorded lessons on pricing your services

Downloadable audios for each lesson

Worksheets for each module to integrate your learning

2, 1 hour Q&A recordings answering key questions about pricing

Streaming and downloadable videos for each lesson

Downloadable, word-for-word transcripts for each lesson

10 Bonuses with videos, audios, and transcripts or templates

Certificate of completion

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Once you make the purchase, you’ll have 7 days to decide if this course is right for you.

If you decide the course isn’t for you right now, we will refund 100% of your fee – no questions asked.

“After watching the first module, I raised my rates.”

“This course came along at exactly the right time as I needed to address my fees in my private practice. After I watched the first module, I raised my rates. The course gave me that extra push that I needed to raise them, and right away, I felt confident letting my clients know my new rates.

The course was well organized and reasonably priced. I particularly valued the information on the psychology of pricing and pricing for groups.”

Klaus Klein, MA, RCC

Counsellor, Vancouver, BC

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When you apply the strategies we show you in this course, you can make your money back – and more – in one client session.

You’ll be more organized with better systems in place around your fees and your finances. This will save you time and money – whether you raise your fees or not.




Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

This is a self-study version of the course. You’ll have access as soon as you register.

All materials for the course are pre-recorded.

There are 17 lessons, 10 bonuses (documents and videos) and 2 pre-recorded Q&A recordings where Juliet and Clinton answer some of the most common questions asked about pricing.

You can watch the videos, listen to the audios or read the transcripts at your convenience.

The regular fee is $347 but the course is on sale for $197.

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You have 7 days from your date of purchase to decide if the course is right for you. If you decide the course is not a good fit for you, you can ask us for a refund.

No. Most organizations do not give CEUs/PDPs for marketing and business courses.

You will have access to the materials in the learning center for 180 days (6 months) from the date you signed up for the course.

However, you can download all materials and save them forever.




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