The Science of Female Sexuality

How Individual and Couples Therapists Can Empower Women to Have Healthy Sex Lives

An Intersectional and Inclusive Course on Women’s Sexuality with Over 16 Hours of Content

If you’re an individual or couples therapist, or someone struggling with sexual issues, this course with Dr. Stephanie Buehler is for you…

“I was sincerely and utterly impressed by this course.“

I completed a 6-week training in sex therapy previous to this course. It went into some details, but nothing like the level of this course – your course was packed with information.

It was really helpful to learn the assessment and treatment approaches. I had previously learned a lot about sexuality theory, but I didn’t know how to transfer this into practice with clients.

The languaging and the gentle, non-imposing way Stephanie suggested asking clients questions was of huge value.

I am now much more attuned to these issues. They are ever-present in my therapy room.

Stephanie made the topic very accessible – she delivered it safely and openly. The course is well informed. It provides the necessary information that all therapists – all people – should have.

Thank you!

Beatrice Schreiber

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist,
Los Angeles, California

Sexuality Has Been Neglected in Psychotherapy

Sexuality Affects All Areas of Life

Sexuality impacts your client’s lives in ways that extend far beyond their sexual lives.

It affects how clients feel about their bodies and themselves, how they carry themselves in the world, their satisfaction in relationships, and the overall quality of their lives.

YET – the general field of psychotherapy has largely ignored human sexuality for far too long. Knowledge of common sexual problems and their treatment is lacking in the field.

If you’re like most therapists, you had absolutely zero training in graduate school.

As a result, you may not be adequately helping your clients solve their sexual problems or encouraging their sexual health.

You may wonder if you should ask clients about their sexuality and, if so, how to go about doing so.

What’s worse, you may perpetuate myths and have biases that do your clients a disservice.

As you’ll discover if you take this course, there are an unbelievable number of myths about women’s sexuality that prevail in our culture. Even skilled and highly trained therapists hold these damaging beliefs.

When Sexuality is Not Addressed,
Your Clients Suffer

If you don’t address sexuality, your clients may not be getting adequate treatment.

Further, think about the message you’re giving your clients when you ask about all kinds of deeply personal issues during therapy but fail to ask about their sexual health.

Although some sexual problems are biological or medical, most are psychological, at least in part.

It’s not surprising that when you have the knowledge and skills to discuss your clients’ sexuality in therapy, their sexual problems can get resolved, and their relationships and overall life get better.


Research shows that when sexual issues are treated effectively, other symptoms such as anxiety and depression also improve.

“I was blown away by this course.”

I couldn’t believe the amount of information.
By the second module, I was like, ‘Wow, this is incredible!’

I was really surprised by how much I was learning. I wished I had known more about female sexuality earlier in my life.

I discovered how important it is to include a women’s sexual health in the therapeutic process. Since my counselling approach is holistic, I’d be remiss in not asking clients about this important aspect of their lives. I feel confident that I now know the right questions to ask.

I am so grateful that I took the course. It was amazing how much I got out of it! It was like a university-level graduate course in terms of its depth and quality. Stephanie is an excellent teacher.

Every therapist and every woman on this planet should take this course. It was outstanding!

Leslie PeakE

Zürich, Switzerland

Is this you?

If you’re an individual or couples therapist and resonates with any of the points below, this course is for you:

  • You rarely ask about your clients’ sexual health unless they bring it up. You’re afraid to, or don’t know what to ask
  • You lack up-to-date information on women’s sexuality, common sexual problems, and how to treat them
  • You want to become more comfortable discussing sexual matters with clients
  • You’ve never taken a comprehensive course on human or women’s sexuality
  • You want to become more competent with clients
  • You’re a sex therapist, needing CEUs for AASECT

“Within the first hour, the course surpassed my expectations.”

The level of detail in this course was remarkable.

I thought I’d get a taste of information on women’s sexuality. But, WOW, the depth of the content was outstanding!

I was very impressed that the course was intersectional and inclusive and how Dr. Buehler brought in different genders. I loved that she addressed culture and our changing society.

I now feel robustly confident about holding the space to help clients explore sexual issues. I know what questions to ask and have several interventions to use.

I’d recommend this extremely comprehensive and sex-positive course to other therapists.

As therapists, we have a responsibility to evolve and keep up with the changing culture. We need to be intersectional and inclusive practitioners. This course shows us how to do that in an easy-to-digest way.

Lisa Marie Hoctor

Manchester, United Kingdom

What Will Happen When You Take This Course

  • You’ll learn aspects about women’s sexuality that are bound to surprise you
  • You’ll be up-to-date on critical areas of research on female sexuality
  • You’ll be informed about the biopsychosocial perspective on women’s sexuality
  • You’ll have a better sense of what is healthy and unhealthy sexual behavior
  • You’ll have a language to discuss sexual issues with clients
  • You’ll know what questions to ask of sexual nature and how to do it gently and
  • You’ll be knowledgable about several treatment methods for women’s sexual problems
  • You’ll know when you should address sexual issues in therapy and when you need to refer to a sex therapist or medical professional
  • You’ll see practical examples of clients Dr. Buehler has worked with in therapy
  • You’ll be more knowledgeable and confident about working with women’s sexuality in therapy
  • Your clients will have much better outcomes

“I discovered that some biases about female sexuality I
held that were likely getting in the way with clients.“

“As a therapist with 20 years of experience, I consider myself to be skilled at asking clients open-ended questions. However, after taking this course, I discovered that I had some biases about female sexuality and held some myths that were likely getting in the way with clients.

Wow. I certainly learned things about female arousal that I didn’t know before. I loved that the course offered a biopsychosocial approach. The video on sexual disorders was brilliant. My gosh, I had no idea there were so many obstacles that prevent women from having satisfying sexual experiences.

This course gave me more permission to ask questions about sexuality with my clients. I feel much more attuned and confident about working with clients in this area. I also have a much clearer idea of when I’ll need to refer out to a sex therapist or medical professional.

Dr. Buehler is very passionate about the topic. It’s clear that she is up-to-date on the research in this area.

The course was packed with information. I’d recommend therapists to take it as they’ll learn a lot. Thank you!

Felicity Gendrun

Registered Psychologist,
Sydney, Australia

Meet Your Trainer, Dr. Stephanie Buehler Psychologist, Sex Therapist, Author

Dr. Stephanie Buehler is a licensed psychologist and AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist and Supervisor.

She is Director of The Buehler Institute and creator of which provides continuing education in sex and relationship therapy for psychotherapists and wellness providers.

Dr. Buehler is the author of a bestselling textbook, What Every Mental Health Professional Needs to Know about Sex (third edition in press) and Counseling Couples Before, During, and After Pregnancy: Sex and Relationship Issues.

An in-demand speaker, she is frequently quoted in the media, most recently in The Atlantic, Men’s Health, and Business Insider.

The course details are below, but, if you’re
ready to sign-up, here you go…

1 payment - $497


3 payments - $179


Key Topics in the 8 Pre-recorded
Modules (19 Lessons)

Module 1: Female Sexuality
What it is and What it is Not

This module begins by dispelling some surprising – even shocking – myths about women’s sexuality that prevail in our culture.

You might think that the younger generation has more accurate information about sexuality, but this isn’t true in many cases.

The in-depth information Dr. Buehler provides on female anatomy and hormones is likely more exhaustive than anything you’ve heard before.

Dr. Buehler gives a historical context of women’s sexuality and a timeline of the evolution of the sex therapy field, explaining various models.

Module 2: Fundamentals of
Sex Therapy Practice

In this module, you’ll learn about the differences between sexuality counseling and sex therapy. You’ll know when to stay in your scope of practice and when you may need to refer to another professional.

Dr. Buehler offers 5 essential questions to ask clients when assessing sexual concerns and shows you how to rule out sexual problems until you find out the source of the issue.

An affirmative model of sexual therapy is presented that is inclusive of gender and sexual minorities. Dr. Buehler shares several case studies illustrating how to put science and theory into practice.

Module 3: Female Sexual
Interest and Arousal

In this module, Dr. Buehler explains what desire and arousal are and shows how they are more complicated than you may think.
She explains that although sexual desire and tied together, they can also be seen as separate aspects of women’s sexual function. She shares how the two are complex because you need to consider them from multiple angles (e.g., medical, cultural, and psychological), and sometimes these perspectives butt heads.

Dr. Buehler reports on models of desire and arousal and how to go about assessing low desire. She reveals questions that help determine various aspects of sexual issues and how to assess who is experiencing it as a problem – the woman, her partner(s), or both.

Module 4: A Deep Dive
into Women’s Arousal

Module 4 explains the types and causes of various sexual arousal problems that arise for women. Who would have guessed there were so many?

Dr. Buehler goes into more depth about assessing areas of dysfunction and provides helpful questions you can ask your clients.

Finally, this module will show you various methods of treating women’s sexual problems, including medical and pharmacological, psychological, and mindfulness practices.

Dr. Buehler also shares several sensate focus activities that are known to help women overcome problems with arousal.

Module 5: All About
the Female Orgasm

There are more misunderstandings and myths about the female orgasm than any other aspect of women’s
sexual function.

Dr. Buehler explains the science of female orgasm – the physiological aspects, the role it plays in reproduction, and the types of orgasms women can have.

She also discusses stigmas about women’s orgasms or lack thereof, the types of problems women have with orgasms and their causes, and numerous ways to treat these problems effectively.

Dr. Buehler gives 3 case studies where problems with orgasm were successfully treated.

Module 6:
When Sex is Painful

It is astounding how many women suffer from painful sex and don’t know they can get help for this problem.

As with other sexual problems, your clients may not tell you they have this difficulty unless you ask.

Dr. Buehler explains the various disorders related to painful sex.

She describes their physiological and psychological causes, as well as how painful sex can overlap with other problems.

Dr. Buehler discusses assessment and treatment methods for painful sex and presents 3 more case studies.

Module 7: Treating Sexual
Symptoms in Survivors
of Sexual Abuse

Many therapists treat clients with sexual or other types of trauma. However, healing the psychological trauma of sexual abuse does not necessarily resolve specific
sexual problems.

In this module, Dr. Buehler explains the prevalence, symptoms, and treatment of sexual issues with trauma survivors. She also addresses the differences that occur in minority women who are survivors of sexual abuse.

Module 8: Female Sexual Health
Across the Life Span

In this final module, Dr. Buehler discusses sexuality across the life span, beginning with the teen years. She then moves through the ages to address young adults. Finally, she shares her wisdom about sexuality and older women.

The concepts of sexual identity and sexual fluidity are discussed, as are women in relationships and sex in pregnancy and post-partum.

There’s more…
You Also Get 7 Interviews With Leading Experts

Bonus 1

Dr. Heather Quaile – A Biopsychosocial Approach To Women’s Sexual Dysfunction [Video, Audio & Transcript]

In this fascinating interview, Dr. Quaile, an expert in sexual medicine, shares her biopsychosocial approach to treating women’s sexual problems.

She discussed the various issues that she treats her clients for, including vaginal atrophy, low desire, and painful sex.

She also discussed some rare female sexual problems that you likely never heard of before. If you work with women, you need to watch this video.

Bonus 2

Sexual Consent – With Tanya Koens, Sexologist, And Counsellor [Video, Audio & Transcript]

In this interview, you’ll hear sex therapist Tanya Koen talk about the many problems in our culture due to a lack of sexual consent.

Tanya discusses what sexual consent means, how to determine who it’s for at any given moment, and how consent can actually make sex better.

She shares an interesting model for the various ways that sexual consent can be seen and given.

Bonus 3

The Intersection Of Faith And Women’s Sexuality – With Dr. Natasha Helfer [Video, Audio & Transcript]

In this interview, Dr. Helfner shares her expertise on working with women and their sexual health in the faith community.

She discusses the 2 main aspects of sexuality that frequently come up in therapy with people from many religious backgrounds.

She also talks about the sexuality myths and taboos that permeate media, music, literature, culture, and laws. She explains how these have their roots in religious dogma about what is considered standard regarding sexual health.

Dr. Helfer shares the specific sexual problems that women in some religious backgrounds have.
She gave suggestions for how non-sex therapists can work with women struggling with sexual issues
in these communities.

Bonus 4

Orgasm Inequality Between Men And Women – With Dr. Laurie Mintz [Video, Audio & Transcript]

In this interview, Dr. Mintz discusses the orgasm gap between women and men. She examines it from both a cultural and individual perspective.

She shares myths that even young women hold that result from society. These misconceptions impact their sexual experiences, their relationships, and how they feel about themselves in the world.

She reports on interesting stats from 2 recent large-scale studies that examined the differences in orgasm amongst heterosexual, bisexual, and lesbian women.

Bonus 5

Working With Lesbian Identified Women – With Dr. Mary Minten [Video, Audio & Transcript]

In this interview, Dr. Minten discusses the issues that come up for lesbian women in therapy and makes suggestions for dealing with them.

She explains how gender fluidity impacts lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women.

Dr. Minten also discusses the importance of therapists being aware of their hetero normative biases when working with lesbian women as biases will inevitably be there.

In addition, she discusses how terms used to describe sexual orientation and identity often have individual meanings for different clients.

She talks about how therapists should acquire up-to-date information about these issues to be effective with these populations.

Bonus 6

Childhood Maltreatment And Its Impact On Sexuality With Dr. Sophie Bergeron [Video, Audio & Transcript]

You probably know how damaging the impact of sexual trauma is on a client’s sexuality, but you may not know how detrimental all forms of childhood abuse can be for women’s sexual health.

In this interview, Dr. Bergeron talks about her research on childhood maltreatment. She shares results from her study on adolescents looking at childhood maltreatment and sexual wellbeing. She speaks about other research she has done on couples who had traumatic experiences in childhood.

She discusses how rare it is for many therapists to ask about sex. She explains what to do to get an accurate picture of clients’ sexual wellbeing.

Bonus 7

Sexuality And Gender Diverse Clients – With
Dr. Elizabeth Riley [Video, Audio & Transcript]

In this interview, Dr. Riley, an expert on gender identity, shares her expertise working with gender-diverse people.

She discusses the types of gender variant populations, and the difficulties these clients have that impact their sexuality.

Dr. Riley discusses key aspects of assessment and how to work with these populations.

Dr. Buehler’s Handouts
[4 PDF Documents]

1. A Reference list for the Information Discussed in the Course

This is a list of the information and statistics that Dr. Buehler shares in the course.

2. Resource List on Women’s Sexuality for Therapists and Clients

This resource list of practical resources will be useful to you and your clients.

3. Female Sexuality Assessment Questions

With this list of questions, you’ll know exactly how to gently ask clients about their sexual wellbeing. Dr. Buehler includes questions that address many aspects of clients’ lives (e.g., family, culture, religion, and relationships).

4. Exercises for Clients

This list includes exercises you can use with clients to help them overcome sexual problems. Dr. Buelhler divides these exercises into 4 areas (sensate focus activities, exercises for helping to achieve orgasm, mindfulness practices, and outercourse activities).

Get Your Questions Answered on the
2 Live Q&A Webinars

When you join us for this course, you’ll be able to attend 2, 1-hour Live Q&A Webinars with Dr. Stephanie Buehler.

Dr. Buehler will answer any questions you have about
women’s sexuality.

Yes, the webinar will be recorded.

The videos and audios recordings will be available within 48 hours after the end of the webinars.

Can’t make the live Q&A webinar?

No problem.

Submit your questions ahead of time, and Dr. Buehler will answer them on the live webinar. You can then listen to the recording afterward.



Wednesday, June 9 & 23, 2021, from 4-5 pm Pacific/7-8pm Eastern


Wednesday, June 9 & 24, 2021, from Midnight -1 am


Thursday, June 10 & 24, 2021, from 9-10 am
Sydney, Australia

“The course provides an extremely helpful roadmap for dealing with
sexuality that every therapist who is not a sex therapist needs to have.”

When sexual issues come up with clients as they often do, I have to decide if or how I should address them. I don’t want to avoid the subject because I don’t know how to deal with it.

I’ve been looking for training in this area so I could be more equipped. I took a short course on sexuality before, but it didn’t offer nearly as much information as this one.

There is so much I learned. It helped clarify many things, especially around sexual abuse and painful sex. The fear-avoidance cycle was also beneficial. The course gave me the confidence to ask more structured questions about clients’ sexual lives.

I’ve been using this information already in sessions. I’ve also been thinking about how I would have dealt with past cases differently had I known this information.

The course provides an extremely helpful roadmap for dealing with sexuality that every therapist who is not a sex therapist needs to have.

I really appreciate the useful tools that I discovered. Thank you!

Adam Moilliet

Kamloops, BC, Canada

Ready to join us?

If you genuinely want to feel competent with clients and want the best outcomes with them, you’ll sign up for this course.

Regardless of your experience, training, and what you *think* you know about women’s sexuality if you haven’t studied this topic extensively, we guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you’ll learn.

Choose your payment option…

1 payment - $497


3 payments - $179


“As a mature woman, I thought I understood much of what there
was to know about female sexuality. Guess what? I learned a lot!”

Before taking Dr. Buehler’s course, I hadn’t thought about female sexuality as an important lens to explore issues with clients. I now have this critical lens, an expanded language, and great tools to discuss sexual wellbeing with clients.

The research presented was fascinating, and I loved the questions she offered for talking with clients about many dimensions of their sexuality. I have used many concepts from the course in sessions with women and couples. I now remind myself to explore my clients’ sexuality in sessions.

I highly recommend therapists take this course. Like myself, many likely don’t know what they don’t know about female sexuality and how to best address these issues in therapy.

It’s a great course, packed with information and tools. It’s a wonderful opportunity
to explore an intriguing area of practice. The material is presented beautifully.

Brenda Forster

Registered Clinical Counsellor,
Kelowna, BC, Canada

Summary of What You Get in This Self-Study Course

  • 16+ hours of content (divided into 8 modules with 19 Lessons)
  • Downloadable videos for each module and each interview
  • Downloadable transcripts for each module and bonus interview
  • 2 Live 60-minute Q&A Webinars with Dr. Stephanie Buehler (you can submit questions in advance – recordings will be available)
  • Certificate of completion for 16 hours of instruction
  • A 7-day money back guarantee
  • 7 pre-recorded Bonus Interviews with experts on women’s sexual health and sex therapy
  • Downloadable audios for each module and bonus interview
  • 4 handouts (reference and resource list, assessment questions, and exercises to
    use with clients
  • The ability to download all materials and keep them forever (Yay!)
  • CEUs for AASECT and professional development points for PACFA and ACA

You have 7 days to check out the course. If it isn’t what you expected, you can
ask for your money back…

Select your payment option…

1 payment - $497


3 payment - $179


Still Not Sure the Course is for You?

If we haven’t convinced you that this information is essential for any therapist lacking knowledge in this area, then maybe the course isn’t for you.

But – if you’re on the fence about registering, consider this:

With over 16 hours of content, you’re going to learn a heck of a lot about women’s sexuality.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much valuable content is included with this course.

AND, our 3-payment plan makes it easy on your budget if you don’t want to pay all at once.

Depending on the fees you charge for therapy, the cost of this course is equivalent to only a couple of client sessions.

What you’ll earn back when you’re armed with this critical knowledge you and your clients will benefit from will be invaluable.

If the course content doesn’t lead to you feeling more empowered and confident about working with sexual issues with clients, you have 7 days to ask for a refund.

Ready to take the next step?

You have only one decision to make…
Which payment option do you prefer?

1 payment - $497


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“As a mature woman, I thought I understood much of what there
was to know about female sexuality. Guess what? I learned a lot!”

I’ve been a bit squeamish about asking nitty-gritty sexual questions with clients because I wasn’t sure what I should ask.

The way Dr. Buehler systematically asks clients questions to rule out problems was fascinating. I’m confident knowing that these questions are informed by solid research. I won’t feel like I am asking my clients them without a purpose.

The course opened my eyes to so many aspects of sexuality that I didn’t know before. I certainly didn’t learn this stuff in my couples therapy training.

I never thought about how physical health issues caused sexual problems. And, the information on sensate focus was so helpful. I will definitely use that with my clients.

The training was incredibly interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m grateful and pleased that I had the opportunity to take it.

Amanda Woolveridge

Sydney, Australia

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The course is geared for psychotherapists and counselors who don’t have most of this critical information.

It’s also beneficial for sex therapists who are looking for more training in sexuality or who need CEUs, for AASECT. Or, for PACFAor ACA in Australia.

While the course can be helpful to sex therapists who want up-to-date information, it’s not meant to turn you into a sex therapist (although it can be beneficial if you’re already one or hope to become one in the future).

The course is for any therapist who works with women or couples and does not have this critical information.

8 non-sex therapists took the course for a test drive. Without exception, they were amazed at how much they learned.

They all discovered that there was plenty they didn’t know about women’s sexuality.

Some of them started applying what they learned to their therapy sessions immediately after taking the course.

What did they discover?

That they should have had this knowledge a long time ago. It would have made a big difference to their feelings of confidence and competence.

AND there is no doubt that their clients would have benefitted if they had had this knowledge earlier.


If you’ve read the website and discover the course will provide knowledge that you don’t have, by all means, sign up for the course.

Many sex therapists will take this course to earn AASECT CEUs.

Therapy IS private. You discuss all kinds of sensitive and personal issues with your clients. It doesn’t make sense to neglect this critical area of clients’ lives.

Sexuality impacts all areas of life – not only clients’ sexual lives.
It affects how clients feel about their bodies and themselves as they interact in the world.

Taking this course will equip you with knowledge that will help you become comfortable and confident discussing sexual health issues with clients.

Dr. Buehler provides a language for many concepts you can use with clients and offers excellent questions you can ask clients in a gentle, non-intrusive way.

The course will also provide a better sense of when you’ve reached your limit with your knowledge and skills and need to refer to a medical professional or a sex therapist.


If you work with female clients in individual or couples therapy, some are bound to have sexual problems.

You’d be doing your female clients a great disservice if you didn’t address their sexual health with them because you’re afraid to bring it up.

This course will help you feel more comfortable asking women questions in a professional, delicate, and safe manner.

It’s both. All modules and bonus interviews for the course are pre-recorded. You’ll have access to them as soon as you register. You can watch the videos, listen to the audios, and/or read the transcripts at your convenience.

We also have 2 live 1-hour Q&A Webinars with Dr. Stephanie Buehler where you can get your questions answered. If you can’t make the live webinars, you can submit questions ahead of time and Dr. Buehler will answer them on the webinars.


North America: Wednesdays, June 9 & 23, 2021, from 4-5 pm Pacific/7-8pm Eastern
UK: Thursdays, June 10 & 24, 2021, from Midnight -1 am.
Australia: Thursdays, June 10 & 24, 2021, from 9-10 am Sydney, Australia


We have a 2, 1-hour Q&A Webinars swith Dr. Stephanie Buehler where you can get your questions answered.  If you can’t make the live webinars, you can submit questions ahead of time and Dr. Buehler will answer them on the webinars. You can then listen to the recordings afterward.


North America: Wednesdays, June 9 & 23, 2021, from 4-5 pm Pacific/7-8pm Eastern
UK: Thursdays, June 9 & 24, 2021, from Midnight – 1 am
Australia: Thursdays, June 10 & 24, 2021, from 9-10 am Sydney, Australia

If you can’t attend the Live Q&A Webinars, you can submit questions ahead of time.

Dr. Buehler will then answer your questions on the webinars and you can listen to the recordings afterward.

Video and audio recordings will be available within 48 hours after the live webinar is held.

Yes. The video and audio recordings of the live webinars will be available in the Learning Center within 48 hours after they are held.

This comprehensive course has over 16 hours of training including the 8 modules (19 lessons), 6 bonus interviews, and 2 live Q&A webinars.

You have 2 options for payment:
$397 (Reduced from $497)
$397 CAD for Canadian residents (No GST)
$397 AUD  for Australian and New Zealand residents (Australians add GST)

$397 USD for USA and all other residents.

3 monthly payments of $139 (Reduced from 3 payments of $179)
3 payments of $139 CAD spaced 30 days apart (for Canadian residents – No GST)
3 payments of $139 AUD spaced 30 days apart (Australian residents add GST)

3 payments of $139 USD for USA and all other residents.


Canadians pay in Canadian dollars.
Australians and New Zealanders pay in Australian dollars.

All other participants pay in USD.

1 payment of $397 $497   

2 payments of $139 $179 

Yes, you can pay via phone.
North America and UK residents: Please call 1. 604.730.8844 to make a payment via telephone.
Australian residents call: +61 412 241 410

We have a 7-day refund policy.
You can check out the course within 7 days of registering and if it’s not for you, you can ask for a full refund.



Please check with your licensing board to see if they accept hours approved by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT).

10 AASECT CE Hours are offered through The Buehler Institute for Dr. Buehler’s part of the training. For those seeking AASECT certification, the hours can be counted in the following Core Knowledge Areas: B; C; G; I; and J

We are not officially approved for any other CEU’s in the USA. However, we will give you a certificate of completion for 16 hours of professional development. You’ll have to check with your professional association or licensing board to see if they will give you credit for the course.


ACA: The course is approved for 16 OPD (ongoing professional development) points for members of the Australia Counselling Association (ACA).

PACFA: The course is approved for 10 hours of category B and 2 hours of category A (* for the live Q&A) CPD points for members of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).


We are not officially approved for CEU’s in Canada. However, we will give you a certificate of completion for 16 hours. You’ll have to check with your professional association to see if they will give you credit for the course.

You will have access to the materials in the learning center for 90 days from the date you signed up for the course.

However, you can download all materials and save them forever.

“When I began the course, I thought it was going to be
boring - but it was far from it!“

The course demystified and normalized a topic often considered taboo. It opened my eyes and widened my perspective on how people experience their sexuality. It offered science, useful clinical techniques, and had a humanistic perspective.

It was all-encompassing. The antidotes and stories made the course interesting and easy to comprehend. I learned a lot that is beneficial both personally and professionally.

I’ll definitely change some of the ways I work with clients – I’ll be able to approach the subject of sexuality and normalize it. AND I’ll not make assumptions about a woman’s sexual identity.

Dr. Buehler delivered the course in an authoritative yet friendly manner. She made it practical and real.

Lynsey Maher

Life Coach and Massage Therapist,
Cardiff, United Kingdom

Take the course for a test drive!

You have 7 days from your date of purchase to check out the course. If you decide the course is not what you want, we’ll refund 100% of your fee.

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