Therapist and wellness professionals:

How to Create, Promote and Sell an Online Course

There has never been a better time to create an online course. We show you everything you need to know to succeed.

YES, you CAN create an online course that people will buy…

How do we know you can create an online course?

Because you’re an expert in something or you wouldn’t be here.

AND, we have the know-how to show you how to use your expertise to create an online course.

We guide you step-by-step through the process to help ensure you’ll succeed. All you have to do is follow the path we provide.

Get out of your way – say good-bye to the obstacles that hold you back.

Create more time and the freedom to do the things you enjoy.

This course is invaluable!

 I had ideas for creating my online course but didn’t know how to package and sell it. Your blueprint and detailed methods gave me exactly what I needed to maximize sales.

There was an abundance of course materials included- worksheets, bonuses, all of which were beneficial and exceeded my expectations. The formula for how to write a sales page was amazing. That document alone doubled the value of this course.

This is an absolutely high-quality, comprehensive course – it has all the pieces needed to succeed at creating, promoting, and selling an online course.

Thank you so much!

Jacqueline Schatz

New York, NY

The Online Course Industry Has Been Growing Year After Year...

BEFORE the COVID-19 crisis, forecasts showed that the online learning industry would grow to $325 Billion by 2025…

AND, since the pandemic, it’s been SOARING!

Interest from therapists, coaches, and other wellness professionals in creating an online course is also high.

We First Offered This Course In May Of 2020
And 225 Professionals Registered.

Why Create an Online Course

WOW, this course was it a smokin,’ smokin,’ smokin’ deal.

Before discovering your course, I was considering taking another one, but it was well beyond my ability to pay. I signed up for yours, and after the first lesson, I was hooked!

I was impressed with the sheer amount of information you gave. You covered everything that I need to know to create an online course. It’s so easy because all I have to do is follow your clear and detailed steps, complete the worksheets, and fill in the templates.

This course completely transformed my mindset. I’ve graduated to an entirely new level as an entrepreneur.

My ultimate goal was to create an online course to uplevel my business and carry me into retirement, and I’m well on my way to completing it! Thank you so much.

Tammy Skomorowski, MEd, CCC, CSLC,

Certified Counsellor, Spiritual Life Coach & Facilitator
Canada, Prince George, B.C.

Not Sure if You Should Create an Online Course?

You might be hesitant to create an online course because you think it is far too much work – you wouldn’t know where to start.

The thought of creating one might be totally overwhelming!


Creating a course doesn’t have to be a monumental task.

You can create a simple course or a comprehensive one.

Your online course can be 1-hour webinar or a 7-hour+ multi-media course with a combined coaching program.

You can start with a small course and expand it over time. Or, you can begin with a comprehensive course right off the bat.

Either way, all you need is the willingness to do the work, and the confidence and knowledge to do it.

If you’re prepared to follow our step-by-step system, we can help alleviate any fears and concerns you have while you learn everything you need to create an online course that sells.

Words are unable to express how beneficial your course has been for me.

It has given me the exact “kick in the butt” I needed. I’ve been stuck the past 2 years—What to do? How to do it? How to get over my anxiety around tech?

Everything about your course has been a huge benefit. I wouldn’t have known where to begin without all the comprehensive worksheets, bonuses, how-to videos, resources, etc.

Really amazing! Juliet and Clinton, I’m so very grateful to you both. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much you’ve changed my life.

Linda Clarkson, M.S.

Licensed Professional Counselor
Alpharetta, Georgia

We’re Juliet Austin and Clinton Power Here’s our story…

39 Years of Combined Online Business Experience

39 years of combined experience?

That makes us sound old…

Well, we may not be old, but we’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to online business experience and creating online courses.

Clinton has had a part-time relationship therapy practice in Sydney, Australia for the past 18 years. He built his practice solely through online marketing.

Clinton also founded the online counselling directory, Australia Counselling in 2013. He sold the directory in 2017 for a significant profit.

Juliet, a former therapist in Vancouver, Canada has worked solely online for 21 years as a marketing consultant, as well as a website and sales page copywriter.

Prior to starting the Mind Body Training Institute with Clinton, Juliet created 2 online courses. She launched her first course in 2008 called, Client-Attracting Websites which was a huge success for many years (it’s now waiting to be updated).

In 4 Years We’ve Made Almost $500,000 in Course
Sales Working Only Part-Time - AND, Our Sales
Increase Every Year…

Juliet and Clinton met in 2008 when Clinton was struggling to build his therapy practice. He hired Juliet to help him learn how to attract clients.

After several months of working with Juliet, Clinton’s hard work was rewarded by quadrupling his caseload. Juliet considers Clinton to be one of her star clients because once she showed him what to do, he did it!

In 2016 we launched the Mind Body Training Institute because we both like diversity in our work, and we wanted to increase our income so eventually we wouldn’t have to work as much.

In the past 4+ years, we’ve created 11 courses.

Some of the courses we developed, marketed and sold on our own.

Other courses we created the content in conjunction with other experts, and then we did promotion and sales for the courses.

In total, we’ve run our courses over 32 times.

And, yes, we’ve made sales on ALL of our courses.

Plenty of them.

While we’re far from being “rich,” after 4+ years, our courses have brought in almost $500,000 in sales – AND, we only work on the Mind Body Training Institute part-time!

As we continue to grow, our sales increase year after year.

Incredible! This course is PACKED with vital information on how to start an online course.

It would have taken me forever to figure out how to create an online course on my own. I may not have had the courage to try.

You outlined everything so well that I knew that it was possible to achieve.

I love that I don’t have to pull things out of my head. I just have to follow the path that you’ve laid out in an amazingly clear and precise step-by-step manner.

You’re both clearly pros at this. Your tried and tested advice and guidance is practical and grounded in the everyday world.

Creating an online course is part of my grand plan of moving forward in my life, and you’ve helped me in a massive way. Thank you!

Leslie Peake

Zurich, Switzerland

What You’ll Learn in 6,
90-Minute Pre-recorded Webinars

Webinar Recording 1

Clarify Your Goals, Audience, And Topic
– And Write Your Position Statement (90 Minutes)

Webinar Recording 2

Build Your Email List And Community
(90 Minutes)

Webinar Recording 3

Create Your Winning Course Content (90 Minutes)

Webinar Recording 4

Set Up Your Systems And Course Technology Without Going Crazy
(90 Minutes)

Webinar Recording 5

Promote And Sell Your Course For Maximum Sales (90 Minutes)

Webinar Recording 6

Pulling It All Together (60 Minutes)

13 Bonuses Guaranteed to Knock Your Socks Off…

We’re known for packing our courses with high-value content.

In addition to the core content, we love creating bonus content for our courses. This course is no exception.

Our incredibly useful bonuses just may knock your socks off. Many participants who took this course in the past were amazed at the amount helpful worksheets, templates, and other resources we provide.

Bonus 1: Online Course Tasks List Checklist [PDF Worksheet]

This checklist has a list of online course tasks that will keep you focused as you create, promote and sell your online course.

Bonus 2: 25 Ways to Build an Email List [PDF]

This bonus describes 25 ways to build your email list. The larger your email list, the more sales you’ll make.

Bonus 3: Free Offer Sign up [PDF Templates]

This document includes 4 fill-in-the-blank templates that you can use to set up a free offer that your subscribers get when they sign up for your email list.

Bonus 4: How to Boost a Facebook Post to Grow Your Email List. [Video]

This video shows you a simple way to boost Facebook posts so that you expand the reach of people who will see them. Boosting a post is a great way to increase your email subscribers.

Bonus 5: Course Outline Template & Sample Outline [PDF]

A good course outline makes it so much easier to create a high-quality course. This is the online course template that we use to create our online courses.

Bonus 6: How to Create Slides in Canva [Video]

This short video provides an overview of how you can use the free version of Canva (an online design tool with templates) to easily create slides for your course.

Bonus 7: Resource List of Online Course Technology Equipment and Tools [PDF]

This is a list of all the technical equipment you need to create your course content. You won’t have to spend hours and hours researching what you need.

Bonus 8: Low-Cost Technology Setup for Your Online Course Resource List [PDF]

This document has a list of the technology you’ll need to set up and sell your online course.

Bonus 9: 5 or 7 Day Email Sequence for Selling an Evergreen Course [PDF Templates]

You can use these fill-in-the-blank email templates to sell your course to your email subscribers once they sign up for your email list.

Bonus 10: Juliet and Clinton’s Email Sequence Sample [PDF]

This document is a copy of all the emails Juliet and Clinton used when they first offered the course, Create, Promote and Sell an Online Course.

Bonus 11: How to Write a Compelling Sales Page Formula [PDF Template]

If you want to maximize sales for your course, you’ll need a compelling sales page that entices the right audience to buy. This sales page formula walks you through the steps of creating a sales page that makes your ideal customers click the Buy button.

Bonus 12: The Online Courses Resource List [PDF]

This document is a comprehensive list of resources that shows you some of the best ones to use to create your online course.

Bonus 13: Summary of the 17 Steps to Create, Promote, and Sell Your Online Course [PDF]

Bonus 13 entails a PDF document that summarizes all the steps we show you in the course, and a visual graphic illustrating these steps.

10 Office Hours Webinars

Where Do You Need Help? – 10 Live Office Hours (30-60 minutes each)

Dates and Times of the 10 Office Hours Webinars


10 Tuesdays at
3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern


10 Tuesdays at
11pm UK


10 Wednesdays
at 10am Sydney, AU

NOTE: You can submit your questions ahead of time if you can’t make the live meetings.
We’ll answer your questions at the meetings and you can listen to the recording after.

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This was a fabulous course!

Until I took this course, I hadn’t realized how my lack of knowledge about technology held me back. Having to do the research to figure out what was needed felt too difficult.

The resources you gave us were extremely helpful and so much more than I was expecting. I particularly appreciated learning the power of copywriting and the technical information you provided. Absolutely everything I need to create my course is there.

I’ve started to create my course and am excited about completing it over the next few months.

Cindy Melksham

Empowerment Coach, and Energy Therapist
Melbourne, Australia

Gain the Confidence and Knowledge so that YOU CAN DO THIS…

Get out of your way – say good-bye to the obstacles that hold you back.

Create more time and the freedom to do the things you enjoy.

We’ll guide and support you step-by-step through the process to help ensure you’ll succeed.

If you don’t create your course now, when will you?

Get started now

1 payment - $995


(save $400)

1 payment - $355


(save $130)

The course was worth far more than I paid for it.

I signed up for this course because I wanted to learn about creating online courses so I could work less with individual clients. I was surprised at how little I knew and how much there is to know about creating an online course.

The quality and quantity of the content and the excellent teaching were beyond my expectations.

Thanks to Juliet and Clinton and this course, I’m confident that I can actually create an online course that will sell!

Dr. Gloria Lee

Registered Psychologist
Burnaby, B.C., Canada


Take the course for a test drive. You have 7 days from your date of purchase to check out the course to see if it is right for you.

If you decide it is not what you want, we’ll refund 100% of your fee within the 7 day period.

The course was so valuable that I would have paid triple for it!

Before taking this course, I wasn’t thinking about creating an online course and wouldn’t have known where to begin to create one.

I had worked with Juliet in the past and had taken several of Juliet and Clinton’s courses before, so I knew they’d deliver a high-quality course. I was interested in seeing what it was all about, so I signed up.

Wow, did I learn a lot.

The resources in this course are phenomenal! They provide everything I need to create, promote, and sell an online course. Having the worksheets, the templates, and the other resources make everything so easy.

The course was so inspiring that I‘m now in the process of creating my own online course, and it feels amazing!

Carol Fredrek

Registered Psychologist
Calgary, Alberta

Summary of what you get

8.5 hours of pre-recorded webinars (videos and audios)

Worksheets for each pre-recorded webinar to map out your ideas and help you stay focused

Email text samples, and sales page samples,

6 months access to the course in our learning center

Certificate of completion

10 live Office Hours meetings – get your questions answered (held on a webinar platform)

Fill-in-the-blank templates, checklists, resource lists, etc.

Course outline and slide samples

Download all materials and keep them forever

Get started now

1 payment - $995


1 payment - $355


Frequently Asked Questions

This is a self-study version of the course. All the lessons and video bonuses for the course are pre-recorded. You’ll have access as soon as you register. You can watch the videos, listen to the audios, and/or read the transcripts at your convenience. There are also 10 bonuses (documents and videos) that you can access whenever you wish.

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Wow! This course was awesome!

The enormous amount of time and energy you put into this course and the incredible number of invaluable resources you give clearly show your passion for the work you do.

Having taken a course with you previously, I was super excited to see you were offering this course. You have an amazing way of turning overwhelming details into a palatable, anxiety-relieving, step-by-step process.

You helped me build confidence that I can create a course and do this marketing stuff. I’m making good progress following the steps. The course was perfect, as was the price, and was exactly what I needed. Thank you!

Melissa Hargrave, MS, LMFT-S, LPC-S

Sex and Relationship Therapist
Austin, Texas


Once you’ve created your course, you won’t have to dream anymore about the course you’ve wanted to create for years.

You’ll now have a course that brings in sales!

If you want a future that offers more diversity in your work, more
income, and more freedom, then you know what to do…

1 payment - $995


1 payment - $355


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