Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS): An Empowering and Transformational Model 

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Irena Milentijevic, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist, Houston, Texas

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Colleen West, LMFT


Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) is exploding worldwide for good reason. It’s paced by the client’s internal system (not the therapist), making it safe and highly effective. 

IFS, an evidence-based therapy model, taps into the healing potential of the multiple minds or parts that everyone possesses. Instead of viewing them as pathological or obstacles to growth, IFS views these parts as different expressions of who each person is. 

IFS taps into the universal source of self-compassion and growth that we all possess – what IFS calls the Self. The Self knows how to heal, allowing one to become integrated and whole. 

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About Colleen West, Trauma-Informed IFS Therapist 

Colleen’s professional focus is healing preverbal attachment trauma. As an IFS Consultant, she devotes herself to training and mentoring psychotherapists and writing.  

She is the author of, We All Have Parts: An Illustrated Guide to Healing Preverbal Trauma and forthcoming The IFS Flip Chart (April 2023!). She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and the fabulous dog Sky. In her leisure, she likes spending time in nature and preparing feasts for family and friends. 

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